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WBS Schedule Pro is an on-premise system that enables businesses of any size, from startups to multinational corporations, to more effectively manage the workflows of their projects using digital diagrams and flowcharts. Work breakdown structures (WBS), network diagrams, Gantt charts, and task sheets are some of the tools that users may leverage to organize and schedule jobs.

With the graphing capabilities provided by WBS Schedule Pro filehippo, firms are able to construct new projects and then export them to Excel spreadsheets after the projects are complete. It features a note field capability that enables users to input vital information in text fields and print notes using task sheets. This functionality is included with the product. In addition, managers have the ability to export projects to Microsoft Word, where they may then create WBS dictionaries and solicit approvals from customers.

Users of WBS Schedule Pro are able to read task summaries and monitor the progression of projects through the use of graphical presentations. Support is offered by live chat, phone, and email in addition to other internet channels, and pricing is based on a one-time licensing option.

What’s New In Version 5.1

Our flagship WBS Chart Pro software and our PERT Chart EXPERT software have been merged into a single product: the new WBS Schedule Pro software. This merger results in a software suite for project management that is more comprehensive. We have included support for WBS Dictionaries, Excel Import/Export, Notes field support, Free Form Text Boxes, and a brand new, up-to-date User Interface among the many new and exciting features that we have included to make project planning simpler than it has ever been. Gantt Charts are now available.


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