Typing Master 11.0.868

Typing master is an excellent typing tutor for windows PC. Typing master adapts to your need and is a free typing course. Professional keyboarding steps are guided by the customized exercise of over 10 hours. Hours of valuable time can be saved by typing master, which helps the user to speed the typing to double or triple. A real-time analysis widget is provided program. Typing master filehippo, which is a complete typing program creates tailored exercises for the learners by analyzing the skills of typing step by step. Your progress is adjusted by the training weak spot pin printed by the Typing master, and the exercise removes this. This dynamic approach prepares learners for action after 4-5 hours of training. Windows widget is a new app that includes typing master, which provides a rapid session of tailored exercises to solve those weak areas.

To perfect your skills which causes problems will be eliminated, and that slows you down. The User can play games during typing and check typing skills. Through customized exercises, the learner can remove weaknesses while working. Typing in the background while working is measured by a new app called typing meter widget. Your habits are analyzed, and it gathers statics on your progress. Your weak point is identified, and those areas are prioritized for training. It suggests a quick training session when a new problem is recognized. Those letters and capitals which cause a problem for the learner are made to practice first, and later, those words that seem to cause difficulty are practical. On daily and weekly bases, you can find your progress in typing speed. Constant recommendations and feedback with personalized training are provided by typing master.

Typing Master 11.0.868 Features

  • The critical placement can be learned quickly with the help of a color-coded onscreen keyboard.
  • Additional tailor-made exercises are created for extra practice along with the problem areas the typing master detects.
  • A typing skills test can measure advanced typing skills and accuracy.


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