LibreOffice Latest Version

The LibreOffice 64-bit office suite is a strong piece of software that allows you to unleash your creativity and increase your productivity thanks to its straightforward interface and robust set of features. Writer, the word processor, Calc, the spreadsheet application, Impress, the presentation engine, Draw, drawing and flowcharting application, Base, database, and database frontend, and Math for editing mathematics are some of the embedded applications that make LibreOffice Filehippo the most powerful free and open source office suite on the market.


Its word processor is Writer. Use it to write a letter or a book with tables of contents, embedded pictures, bibliographies, and diagrams. While-you-type auto-completion, formatting, and spelling checking simplify tough jobs (but are easy to disable if you prefer). You can download libreoffice for windows 10 because it supports 64 Bit operating system.


Calc simplifies tough choices. Analyze your data in Calc and display your results. Charts and analytical tools clarify conclusions. A completely integrated help system simplifies formula entry. Sort and filter data from external databases like SQL or Oracle for statistical studies.


Impress makes multimedia presentations fast and easy. Animation and special effects persuade. Make job presentations even more professional. Create something unique to impress coworkers and superiors.


Draw creates diagrams and drawings from scratch. Why not try box and line diagrams? Or create spectacular 3D drawings and amazing effects simply. It’s flexible.


LibreOffice’s Base database front-end. Base lets you smoothly integrate your database structures into Libre Office or construct a stand-alone application to utilize and manage your data. Base lets you import and connect tables and queries from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, and others, or construct your own.


Math is a basic equation editor that rapidly displays mathematical, chemical, electrical, and scientific equations in standard notation. Correctly displayed computations can be understood. E=mc2.

LibreOffice 2023 Features

  • Integrating every facet of the workplace
  • Fast and simple access to a vast library of vector clip art
  • Extra choices when exporting to PDF
  • Microsoft OOXML file import/export
  • CD Audio and Vivo Video are now supported as additional video and audio formats that may be imported.
  • Management of Captions in Visual Display Units
  • Apple Pages document import
  • Confronting Massive Documents
  • Helpful tool for making one’s own letterhead and envelopes
  • Access and work with text in the Unified Office Format


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