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GTA Vice City, created by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games, is an iconic open-world action-adventure video game. It is the sixth game in the highly acclaimed Grand Theft Auto series and became a gaming phenomenon after its 2002 release. The game immerses players in gta vice city license key, a neon-lit city inspired by 1980s Miami.

Tommy Vercetti, a former gangster, is caught up in crime and corruption after being released from jail in the game. GTA Vice City’s captivating story, interesting characters, and great voice acting lead players on a journey of twists, betrayals, and surprising alliances.The game’s huge open world is a highlight. The city’s streets, beaches, and landmarks are alive. Players can kidnap vehicles, motorbikes, aircraft, and boats, providing depth and variation.

GTA Vice City Torrent is lauded for its immersion and intricacy. The game includes taxi driving, firefighting, ambulance missions, and real estate. Street racing and gang warfare enhance playability.GTA Vice City’s 80s soundtrack includes tunes from Michael Jackson, Foreigner, and Madonna. The retro soundtrack fits the game’s theme and makes it memorable for all ages.

The game’s success was controversial. Parents and politicians criticized GTA Vice City for its mature themes, violence, and graphic material. Despite this, the game became one of the most successful video games ever. GTA Vice City Ultimate Download For PC has remained a classic across platforms and re-releases. Many games followed its open-world style and storyline.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a gaming classic. Gamers worldwide love its captivating story, immersive open world, diversified gameplay, and iconic music. This legendary video game is still revered and remembered.

GTA Vice City All Cheats

Health and Armor:

  • ASPIRINE: Restore full health.
  • PRECIOUSPROTECTION: Gain full armor.

Weapons and Ammo:

  • THUGSTOOLS: Get a set of weapons, including a baseball bat, handgun, and a machine gun.
  • PROFESSIONALTOOLS: Acquire a set of professional weapons, such as a sniper rifle, grenades, and a flamethrower.
  • NUTTERTOOLS: Obtain heavy weapons, such as a chainsaw, grenades, and a minigun.
  • AMMUNITION: Get maximum ammo for all weapons.

Weather and Time Manipulation:

  • ALOVELYDAY: Set the weather to clear and sunny.
  • APLEASANTDAY: Set the weather to partly cloudy.
  • ABITDRIEG: Set the weather to overcast.
  • CATSANDDOGS: Make it rain.
  • TIMEFLIESWHENYOU: Speed up the in-game clock.

Spawn Vehicles:

  • PANZER: Spawn a Rhino tank.
  • TRAVELINSTYLE: Spawn a Bloodring Banger.
  • GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST: Spawn a Hotring Racer.
  • THELASTRIDE: Spawn a Romero’s Hearse.
  • ROCKANDROLLCAR: Spawn a Love Fist limousine.
  • RUBBISHCAR: Spawn a Trashmaster.
  • BETTERTHANWALKING: Spawn a Caddie.
  • GETTHEREFAST: Spawn a Sabre Turbo.
  • GETTHEREQUICKLY: Spawn a fast Bloodring Banger.
  • GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED: Spawn a faster Hotring Racer.
  • GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED: Spawn an even faster Hotring Racer.

Other Cheats:

  • BIGBANG: Destroy all nearby vehicles and objects in an explosion.
  • IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK: Make all vehicles black.
  • FANNYMAGNET: Women will be attracted to you.
  • SEAWAYS: Cars can drive on water.
  • COMEFLYWITHME: Enable flying cars.
  • GRIPISEVERYTHING: Improve car handling.

GTA Vice City System Requirements

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 98 / ME / XP / Vista / Se7eN / 8
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or equivalent AMD Athlon XP 1.5 GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 3 class or ATI Radeon 8500 with 64 MB DirectX® compliant memory
  • Sound card: DirectX® compliant sound device
  • Free hard disk space: 1.5 GB

How To Install GTA Vice City For PC Windows

  1. Download GTA Vice City Full Version From the link below.
  2. Extract the files by using Winrar.
  3. Turn Off Antivirus /Defender.
  4. Install the program.
  5. Done

GTA Vice City Download For PC Windows 10/8/7

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