Geometry Dash Free

Geometry Dash is an engaging video game that can be played on personal computers and mobile devices running the Android operating system. The action of the game takes place on a screen that is continuously changing, and in order to keep your character alive, you will need to have them leap over spikes and onto platforms. Although it may seem like a straightforward notion, the game is actually rather difficult.

You may accomplish difficult levels, build your own, and then submit them to your friends to play so they can give you feedback. How difficult is it for you to achieve that? There are no in-app purchases available in the full version of Geometry Dash. When you buy the game, you will own it permanently, and it will always be the most recent version.

The many geometrical forms that may be discovered across all of the game’s stages only provided the inspiration for the game’s title. The goal of the game is to make it through each level without being hurt by crashing into any of the spikes or other obstacles that may be in your way. It is because of this fact that Geometry Dash is referred to be a “rhythm-based platform game” If you time your leaps appropriately to the beat of the music, you will be able to sidestep the vast majority of the spikes that are in your way.

Geometry Dash Features

  • Action-packed platforming with a beat!
  • Multiple Acts with Individual Soundtracks!
  • Use the stage editor to create and share your own custom stages!
  • You may choose from thousands of user-made, high-quality levels!
  • Gain access to fresh sprites and hues to make your avatar truly unique!
  • Toss gravity flippers, pilot rocket ships, and more!
  • Make use of the practice mode to get better at what you do.
  • Numerous accomplishments and commendations!
  • Put yourself to the test with an almost impossible task.
  • Two unique, unlocked icons are available only through Steam.

How to Download and Install Geometry Dash on PC for Free

Are you are looking to download geometry dash full version? Below are some steps you can follow.

  1. Download Geometry Dash APK.
  2. An Android emulator is required to launch an APK file on a personal computer. I suggest Bluestacks if you haven’t already gotten an Android emulator.
  3. Click on the downloaded APK file to unpack and start the installation application in your Android emulator.
  4. Geometry Dash will display on your desktop after installation. The emulator or icon can open the game.

How to Download Geometry Dash for Android

  1. Download Geometry Dash APK File.
  2. After downloading, copy the file to your Android smartphone. Many methods exist. Use ShareIt or WhatsApp or a USB cord.
  3. Installing from unknown sources requires phone configuration changes. In Settings, Privacy, this option is normally found.
  4. Open your phone’s APK.
  5. Install the app like any other Android software by confirming.


  • Title:Geometry Dash Free
  • Requirements:Windows 7/8/10
  • Language:English
  • Available languages:
  • License:Free Trial
  • Date Added:January 27, 2023
  • Author:Geometry Dash