EagleGet is a download Manager that is fully integrated with all the major browsers like Firefox, internet explorer, and google chrome. The program improves upon the default browser manager by speeding up downloads with its multi-tasking technology. EageGet Filehippo also provides the user with a wide range of functions designed for windows.

The program integrates seamlessly with the web browser and acts as its primary download manager. It also allows users to download files from any website, grab links from different media pages and stay protected with its inbuilt virus scanner. With its help, you can enjoy the features of a high-end download manager and get access to the download files quickly and easily. EagleGet is a free software and user friendly as well that helps you increase the download speed of all files.

Compared with other browser downloads, the utility tool improves the overall by up to 6 times. This is because the software splits the file you intend to download into several smaller parts and then starts downloading each of them simultaneously. It joins all aspects and saves the file on your PC. The EagleGet For PC has an intuitive interface with multiple customization options. If you face a power shortage or a system crash, the software safer the incomplete download and resumes it once it is active again.

EagleGet Features

  • EagleGet uses advanced multi-threading technology to increase the download speed by dividing the files into several parts and then transferring them.
  • Eagleget provides for you central over a fine grain of the downloads.
  • EagleGet can automatically update the download URL that has expired without the need to start from scratch, saving time and effort of you. It is worth saying that eagle bet is the manager download.
  • You can also update the theme of the application, change the skin and background image, modify colors, and much more.


  • Title:EagleGet
  • Requirements:Windows Vista,Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows XP
  • Language:
  • Available languages:English
  • License:Free
  • Date Added:October 22, 2022
  • Author:EagleGet