Xiaomi Game Turbo APK 1.1.5

Xiaomi game Turbo is built exclusively for Xiaomi handset and is an application for game enhancing. It also helps in establishing network connection reducing delays when user is playing game, sms or calls interruption can be avoided during games improving your gaming experience. The performance of the game can be boosted by this application in Android Device setting by optimizing. This application was developed by Xiaomi mainland China Company. It is an excellent application that boost the performance of battery life. It also makes the experience of game better and perfect along with customization and creating sound settings and limits the display.

Game Turbo App Download

The gaming experience of the phone is also optimized by the feature of Game Turbo. User can also enjoygame uninterrupted, by clearing the background apps and closing the notification. The battery life can also be saved by turning off auto brightness and limiting the resolution of frame rate for smoother gameplay.

MI Game Turbo Apk

User can quickly launch and switch between them by managing the game by Game Turbo. In mobile gaming user can get the most of it even if they are a causal gamer or a hardcore enthusiast. The GPU and CPU setting can be done by the phone hardware setting by the Turbo feature. According to request it adjust the core for battery saving or better performance. If the app is heating up, user can change the setting of the resolution or do similar action. By throttling the hardware, Xiaomi gameGTurbo APK Filehippo gives you high game performance and make it use better as well.



  • Title:Xiaomi Game Turbo APK 1.1.5
  • Requirements:Android 8.0
  • Language:English
  • Available languages:
  • License:
  • Date Added:December 07, 2022
  • Author:Xiaomi Inc